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Five Evident Enterprise Mobility Trends to Watch Closely in 2019

Enterprise Mobility Trends to Watch Closely in 2019

You cannot confine business anymore it must be mobile to attain growth and continue to pursue progress. Business operations must be capable of defying geographical territories and cross the barriers of time to be successful and enterprise mobility trends does the trick enabling the employees to work literally anytime and from anywhere. With the gigantic increase in numbers of mobile devices and the enormous expansion of the internet connectivity, the inclusion of these devices in the business were unavoidable and it has changed the old workplace dynamics and introduced a new workflow in the enterprises. Organizations are now encouraging their employees to use mobile devices to fulfill their work duties even to bring their own. Corporate owned or the employees’ own devices it is already apparent that it increase the productivity considerably and provide excellent results in terms of flexibility as it enables the employees to operate and carry out their duties at their convenience.

But with a large number of devices, technologies, processes and a generous amount of data involved it need a comprehensive policy to integrate, operate and manage the whole system efficiently and the prime concern is securing the privacy of enterprise data. So to ensure a smooth operation and secure the enterprise data Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has been introduced which concentrate on protecting the data and devices as well as manage different networks, processes, technologies efficiently to make them work together. But the changes in mobile technology is continuously evolving the enterprise mobility operations and transcending the process.

One of the key trends that multiple reports been indicated to be seen dominating the Enterprise Mobility trends scene is the 5G connectivity. Though the release scheduled in March enterprises has already begun their preparations and ready to adopt the 5th generation mobile communication and exploit the opportunities it will present to make most out of this “ultra-fast and low-latency network”. The challenge will be to integrate the devices in the new 5G ecosystem and securing both data and devices in the new system concurrently. Industry leaders are expecting two-thirds of their employees to experience 5G connectivity continuously by 2020 along with a significant increase in cost-effective as-a-service offerings and rising numbers of new players in the network providing industry. With the introduction of more as-a-service solutions in the market, enterprises will be able to choose the options that will serve their objectives more closely and the magnitude of the impact the devices will increase with more interactive services and acceleration of procurement cycles.

With more and more mobile devices incorporating AI the technology has become a part of the enterprise mobility system and adoption of the increasing numbers, AI enabled devices will be another key trend that will be prevalent in this year and beyond. The enterprises are hoping for more AI technology development efforts concentrated towards the utility and productivity augmentation instead of improving the camera and video performances of the mobile devices and also expecting considerable enhancements in security and data governance. With data being more open and visible and at the end understood and more usable and stored in a mix of public, private and data center based cloud networks connected and coordinated through mobility management this one of the most critical components in the digital transformation and a treasure trove of the business insights will be utilized more through high-end data analytic platforms which will analyze and optimize stored data to improve the whole process. To prevent data leaks and other vulnerabilities more secure data management solutions will be implemented. Also, the investment in the edge computing solutions will increase to process analytics in real time.

In the past few years with the enormous growth in mobile devices, incorporating them in the business was obvious and the challenges of managing them and addressing the issues regarding the data breach and security have been taken the center stage in the industry and dominated the discussion threads for long and according to the several recent reports it will still be the main concern for the users and the organizations alike. Also with stringent laws enforced by governments making enterprises held more accountable for data vulnerabilities will cause them to adopt more efficient and secure security measures involving technologies like advanced facial recognition, enhanced biometrics, zero trust cybersecurity, and scan less security features and with the mobile devices becoming the main target of phishing attacks organizations will devote more resources and will continue leveraging new technologies to ensure more secure enterprise mobility operations.

Another drive that will dominate is the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) as there is already a substantial increase in endpoints or the mobile devices and with the growing concerns over the security risk, the adopting UEM seems to be the best possible way to address the both and some enterprises have already embraced it successfully. Though organizations are still hesitant the technology surely aids in managing and securing devices as well as it also helps in reducing the long term cost though initial investments are required and according to the predictions by industry experts more enterprises are likely to migrate to UEM soon.

Though Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has its own disadvantages but enterprises will encourage this model and there will be an increase in the adoption rate of the BYOD environment. With the clear benefits of employee convenience and freedom, BYOD helps in reducing the cost and the drive will be supported by the more efficient security initiatives to safeguard the privacy of the data and strengthening mobile security measures with new enhanced solutions to protect the devices from the phishing attacks and data breach along with the more holistic policy managing the whole process.

The Adoption of efficient Enterprise Mobility is no more an option. To manage your business effectively and drive the maximum value out of it, it has become essential to involve the expert help and experience professionals to devise and deploy personalized and secure enterprise mobility solutions for any business. To strategize and implement a customized enterprise mobility solutions exclusive to your business contact us today to harness the new possibilities and explore the technologies. We understand technology and we understand you.