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Content Syndication: How to Use This New Addition to the Digital Marketing Arsenal Effectively

With Google putting the damper on traditional click baiting and content duplication activities digital marketing endeavors must find other avenues to distribute and promote their content to drive the lead generation and support brand awareness effort and a successful content syndication strategy can be a very good alternative. An old media practice where the contents will be republished in third-party media sites and promoted by them according to the agreement but not published in full instead with the link users will be directed to the original source. Google does view it as duplication and encourages it as a tool to find about the contents the users are interested in so the blogs, infographics tutorial or any other content will be distributed different sites extending the reach to find its target audience and drive them back to the brand.

The content that should be chosen for the syndication should be the best one as it should be able to attract your users’ attention and compelling enough to make them click on the link you provided to know more. All the content does not definitely fit the bill and also it depends on largely on the media or the site you are publishing the content. Also, it is better to restructure it according to the site or the media you decided to republish to make it more effective rather than posting it word by word as it will help to overcome the duplication barrier as well as make the blog or article more suitable to the audience of the particular site. Repurposing the content will go far. Any content from simple blog article to the white papers can be your implemented for content syndication depending on the targeted audience and the channels that are chosen for publication and the next thing you need is a clear link. Even if your partner site has provided a canonical tag it better to add a simple clear link of the original content you have reposted to redirect your users.

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